Bringing great ideas and creative solutions to you.

We are Events Lab

Since 2012, we have endeavored to bring great ideas and creative solutions for every event we curate. Every event is specially tailored to meet our clients’ needs regardless of how large or small the event is.

Here’s some of our work

Events Lab provides full suite of services for your events from conceptualisation, pre-event, onsite, and post-event management.

Event theme and production

The team will conceptualise a theme for your event and customise a full event program to suit your event needs. We will source for event venues, hosts, talents/performers (onstage and off-stage), etc to make your event a success.

Invitations & registration

We cater and customise for pre-event, onsite registration and management of RSVPs.

Audio, visual, & lighting production

Audio such as sound and visuals such as lighting, live-feed/streaming, and lasers all play an important part in creating a multi-dimensional experience for your guests.

Set production

We turn your ideas into reality for you by building all the things you require for your events such as booth design, backdrop, photo walls, and lots more. You name it and we can produce it for you!

Digital marketing

We provide a suite of digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and also Social media management.

Creative & digital development

We can help you create radical websites and digital campaigns by bringing across a new generation of digital solutions that are engaging, interactive and inspiring for your audiences.

Print production

We print collaterals such as brochures, pamphlets, invitation cards, and pull-up banners to suit your requirements.